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Box Packaging Machine

Model LX-LS60 BoxPackaging Machine is special equipment for fillingand sealing vertically box which top is open. The max speed can be 60boxes/min.

The machine can seal the box with hot melt glue or close the boxdirectly. Its using range is wide. It can be used in industrial of cosmetic, healthcare products, medicine, and so on.

Model LX-LS60 Box Packaging Machine adoptsthe structure of rotary disk sucking. The leaflet or tray can be inserted intobox with rotary way. The design can make one machine work for differentspecification of box.

1.PLC control, speed is control by frequency;
2.Manual or automatic function can be chosen. Positioningstop function is adopted;
3.Detect and reject tray, leaflet,stuff automatically,
4.Show malfunction, working speed and finishedproduct count automatically.
Power Supply:AC380V  60HZ  

Overall dimension:4200X2400X1750mm(L×W×H)
Max power: 4.5KW     
Speed:≤60(box per minter) 
Max box size:160×70×280mm(L×W×H)
Min box size:40×30×40mm(L×W×H)
environment temperature:25±10℃        

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